Your kit will look like this.

This Is What Your Kit Will Look Like.

You don't need a forklift as the pieces can be removed one by one and replaced on the pallet where ever you want to store it until you are ready to put it all together.

What Extras Will I Need?

The only extra things you need are a bench to put it on capable of holding 500kgs, some chicken wire and rendering materials such as sand and cement, Bondcrete and cement colouring,  and I also used some heat proof silicon to seal the flue to the oven, all these extras should be available from most hardwares & landscaping yards.

What Else?

And of course some rendering skills, and a mate to help lift things in place.


Beer for your mate!

How can you purchase a kit?

Depending on your kit options and location, prices of your kit can vary between $1600 and slightly over $2,000... we can discuss more details when you fill out the form below.

Simply fill in the details below and we will contact you for pricing and delivery times in your area. You will deal with the manufacturer direct once we understand your basic needs.

They are a wholesale manufacturer, and they prefer to have enquiries go through us.

How Do You Pay For It?

Your enquiry will be passed on to the manufacturer after checking your needs.

You will be paying the manufacturer direct and they will organise your kit delivery. 

You will pay no more by going through us, because we help the manufacturer advertise their product. We are simply your referral guide to the manufacturer. 

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