Cook Your Pizzas in two minutes flat! ...

This Oven in kit form has panels that are rated to 1,400 degrees.

What that means for you is peace of mind when your oven reaches temperatures of up to 600 degrees to cook the perfect pizza in two minutes.

Cook for a large extended family and friends with ease.

It is so much fun for everyone!

Imagine having your own wood fired pizza oven that cooks pizzas in two minutes flat!

Build it from a kit ... Or have us do it for you ... It's EASY!

From Pieces on a Pallet to a beautiful Wood Fired Pizza Oven Area...

A pre-designed kit makes it easy!

This kit is made up of especially designed panels that are rated to 1400 degrees! These easy to handle pieces fit together easily to make the perfect wood fired pizza dome.

What does that mean for you?

Peace of mind, that when you put this pizza oven together it will work a treat! Your pizzas will cook in 2 minutes! That makes catering for your friends & family so easy and interesting because everyone can be involved in preparation, cooking and eating from kids to adults.

Why would a refractory manufacturer bother with a humble pizza oven?

Basically to keep his workers busy during quite times, and you become the beneficiary of these quality materials to use in your oven!

Imagine having the same refractory materials that are used for baking bricks and tiles commercially in million dollar ovens, being used in your backyard pizza oven in an easy to build kit?